Beginners and Youth band

Training band

Wicken Coronation Brass offer brass instrument lessons on Mondays at the Wicken Methodist Church:

Beginners: 7:00 – 7-45 pm
Youth band: 7:30 – 8:45 pm

The beginners group is open for anyone of any age or ability, (It’s never too late to start!), where we will provide tuition for the instrument of your choice, eventually leading to, if you wish, playing alongside the senior band.

The youth band also take part in some concerts where they play a few pieces that have been practiced at rehearsals.

Anyone who would like to learn to play a brass instrument please come along, or for more details please contact Robert Peacock on:

01353 968170 (evenings).

No Instrument?, No problem, an Instrument can be provided for you by the band.

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